I found an old journal from 2005, where I had written things that I would like to do.  It is a fairly cool list…I think I’ll start tracking it and adding to it.

  • Go to Rio for Carnivale
  • Visit Mount Rushmore
  • Tour the Smithsonian
  • Go to Mardi Gras
  • Learn the stock market
  • See the Grand Canyon
  • Vacation in Bora Bora
  • Tour Italy
  • Visit the Vatican
  • Volunteer after a natural disaster
  • Be debt free
  • Buy a four-bedroom house
  • Go to Australia
  • See the Great Wall of China
  • Run with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain
  • Throw tomatoes at La Tomatina Festival in Valencia, Spain
  • Go to Il Palio in Siena, Italy
  • Attend Oktoberfest in Munich
  • Spend NYE in New York
  • Go to Hawaii
  • Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
  • See Stonehenge
  • Ride a gondola in Venice
  • See the Eiffel Tower
  • Tour the Louvre
  • Treat my family at a nice restaurant
  • Go on vacation with my mom and sister
  • Create a scholarship
  • Write a book
  • Be worth $1 million
  • Learn to buy and sell real estate
  • Take singing lessons
  • Take ballroom dancing lessons
  • Join a church 
  • Get involved with my community
  • Learn to sew
  • Be a president of something
  • Invent something
  • Start my own business
  • Try out for a band
  • Learn to play golf – well
  • Buy a diamond ring for myself
  • Learn photography
  • Open an IRA
  • Live downtown in a big city
  • Marry someone I’m madly in love with

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