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To Brighten Your Day…


I love TED.  One day, I hope to be invited to the conference.  But, until then, I will search their site and podcasts for endless wisdom.

[Warning: Tangent]  Tom Shadyac, director for films such as Ace Ventura, was on Oprah in May talking about his new work, a documentary called “I Am”.  Tom had suffered a horrible accident, and when he recovered he gave up much of his wealth and went on a search to find…honestly, the meaning of life.  What he discovered – and what he covers in his documentary – was:

  1. It is scientifically proven that the entire human race is connected.
  2. It is human nature to be cooperative rather than competitive.
  3. If you don’t do what your heart wants you to do and follow your passion, it will destroy you.

I want to share with you a video posted on TED earlier this year featuring Eric Whitacre, composer.  I cannot find a more direct demonstration of the connection of the human race than this.  It is so moving, and I hope it has an impact on you:

So Blessed!


The most amazing thing happened!

Me and Danielle at last year’s Blingo Bingo benefit

Last night, I went out with some girlfriends and one of them said, “Oh! I want to donate to your walk!” and another said, “How much more do you have to get to your goal?”  I started to feel a bit guilty – I told them that I had met my goal, and they didn’t have to give if they didn’t want.  My friend, Danielle, says “Well, can I donate to someone on your team?”  Abso-freakin’-lutely!  My sister-in-law, Wendy, still needs donations.  Danielle gives me a folded check and I stick it in my purse.

As I’m leaving the restaurant, I remember the check and fish it out of my purse – IT’S FOR FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!  I couldn’t believe it!  Who donates that much to someone they don’t even know?  Oh, yeah, my amazing friend Danielle does.  SO THANKFUL!

I learned a good lesson – this is not about me, this walk is about finding a cure.  There are several of us (2,500 to be exact) who are willing to walk 60 miles in 3 days.  We are all raising money for the cure.  From now on, when I’m approached with more donations, I’m going to offer to give it to the team.  Wendy and I said, that when she’s at her goal, we’re going to start helping someone else.  

On another note, as I write this Ali is one hour into her first chemo treatment.  Spirits are still high, and it’s a beautiful (albeit HOT) day – I see nothing but great things in our future!


Beautiful QR Codes


QR (Quick Response) codes are two-dimensional bar codes that can be read by smartphones with cameras.  They look like a Rorschach ink-blot test when you first see them.  QR codes have become more common in magazines and catalogs to point people to sites for more information.  Rather than having to remember and retype a URL, you can simply scan the QR code with your phone and go directly to the site.

I love this article by Mashable on creative QR codes.  Companies are starting to get very innovative in making these codes look more like art and less like an eye-test.  Just look at this QR code made from M&M candies from QR Arts!

My new favorite site: Pinterest


Have you guys seen Pinterest?  Apparently I’m not the first to know, but I know I’m not the last either.  🙂

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.  The idea is that you “pin” things that you find interesting on the web.  You can make and categorize multiple “boards” (like pinning on a cork board).  It’s an easy way to share craft ideas and cool products that you find online.  I have found that “Weddings” seem to be the hottest topic – and the ideas that are posted are quite amazing.

They make it fairly easy to post – you can install a “Pin It” button on your browser toolbar that allows you to pin while you are surfing the web.  The sign up process is a bit odd, though.  There is a link on the homepage where you can “request an invitation”, but I couldn’t get it to work.  I said this on Twitter, and had another member send me an invitation.

Once you are a member, you can find and follow friends’ boards, as well as share your own.  You can also open your boards for your friends to contribute.

I would love to be able to post things other than pictures.  While it’s easy to do that in StumbleUpon, I really like Pinterest’s interface – who wouldn’t be? – look at all the pretty pictures!  I wish I could have a combination of the two, though – to be able to post pictures, as well as sites, articles or videos that you have found on the web.

Join Pinterest and start pinning what inspires you.  If you are a wedding planner, decorator or stylist – this is where you have to be!

Fake Apple Stores


This is another one that happened last week, that I just don’t want to lose track of.

The blog, BirdAbroad, posted an entry on July 20 where she exposed fake Apple Stores (or Apple Stoer) in Kunming, China.

She’s also started another post where she’s asking her now HALF MILLION! readers to send her pictures of other fake Apple Stores.  Pictures have come in worldwide from Venezuela to Croatia, and some even from the United States.

On Monday, ZDNet reported that Chinese authorities have discovered five fake stores and have closed two so far.

Amazing – we’ve had quite a bit of attention on brandjacking online, but who knew it could be this blatant?

Who Is TabCo?


I am very intrigued by the marketing campaign for a new tablet launch taking place on August 15.  Why?  Because they are relying completely on social media to build hype for this device.  In fact, they aren’t even telling you who they [the company] are.  Sight of the product unseen, they had grown to over 16,000 twitter followers in just 3 days (they are now over 22,000…not astounding, but not shabby).  Their followers post things like

i cannot wait for august 15th… this tablet better be good. #tabco @AgentMomost

I’m just loving all these hypes this @WeAreTabCo is creating! 🙂 #TabCo @aminulahsan 

It all started last week when they sponsored #TabCoTakesNewYork on Twitter and posted the following on YouTube:

On Wednesday, July 20, they started sending pizzas to tech bloggers and magazines with “8/15/11” spelled out in pepperoni.

Then, they liked the word “Swipe” on Facebook, which caused even more buzz.

They have a website, to feed the hype.  It says very little nothing.  Speculation says it’s Nokia/MeeGo.  I personally wouldn’t count out Cisco or Google, even though I don’t think this fits with their brand marketing.

My favorite tweet:

I know I should write about TabCo for the SEO but i’m not going to. ‘Viral’ videos make me ill! @chippy

Uh…ok.  Good press and bad press are all still press.

Some peeps on twitter are claiming “guerrilla marketing” and just a bunch of hype.  Either way – love it or hate it – it’s got people talking.