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Race for the Cure


The Komen Race for the Cure (the 5k) is coming to the HP campus in Plano on Saturday, June 11.  I’ve registered!  It will be just 5 days after Ali’s surgery, so I know it will be emotional.

To find out more, or to register, visit


Thank you, Oprah!


I finally had time to catch up on the last two episodes of the Oprah Show, since I was out of town last week.  Let me say, that I don’t really get caught up in the celebrity hype – but, I really enjoy Oprah’s message.  And, yes, I love when she gives her audience and guests something – I typically find myself jumping up and down in my living room.

The last episode was amazing, though.  No guests.  No giveaways.  Just Oprah sharing her life lessons.  Here are some of my favorites:

  • Be responsible for the energy that you bring into your space.  Thoughts are things – and your energy can create your experience.  You need to be conscious about the vibrations you are sending.
  • You are responsible for your life.  No matter if someone has hurt you, you come from poverty, or if you feel that you’re not smart/thin/beautiful/funny enough – you have the power to change your life and make it what you want it to be.
  • Find and follow your passion!  Find your platform – you may just reach one person, but that is enough.  You don’t have to be famous, and your passion doesn’t have to be your job.  But, you need to find some outlet to do what you love, or your heart breaks a little each day.
  • You are enough.  You are worthy simply because you were born.  An abundant life is your birthright.
  • Everyone wants the same thing – to know that they are being seen, and that they are being heard.  The greatest gift that you can give someone is to say, “I hear you”.
  • There is one God or Spirit or Universe – it doesn’t matter what you call “It”.  God is Life.  God is Love. God is within each and every one of us and is ours for the asking.

When Ali called me to say that her biopsy had come back positive for cancer – I immediately said, “OK.  We’re going to beat it.”  The Bible says to pray believing as if.  I don’t ask that she is healed – I believe it’s already happened.  We made a conscious decision to not focus on the disease, but to focus on wellness.  We are conscious about the energy we put out each day – we joke, we laugh, we tease, we love.  Your mind and your heart play starring roles in your recovery.

Stay the Course


Yesterday was a bit of a tough day.  Ali had her first visit with the oncologist.  All-in-all, nothing that was said changes the course of action we were on, but it was just tough to hear a doctor say it so definitively.  Surgery is still scheduled for June 6, after which there is a high probability that she will need chemo. 

My training has taken a short hiatus this week.  😦  We’re officially at 24 weeks till the walk.  The good news is that I am a bit ahead of where I should be for a first-time walker.  I guess I will be finding myself walking quite a bit over the holiday weekend!

She Kicks Butt: D’Lyn Biggs and Team Tiara


I got home from the training walk this morning to find a package on my front step from our team captain, D’Lyn.  As I put in my first post, Dione, Wendy and I are walking with Team Tiara.  It’s the team’s sixth year to walk in the 3 Day and they have raised close to $500,000.  D’Lyn is the amazing chick who organizes the team and keeps us on track.

D’Lyn sent a care package to me for Ali.  It contained a beautiful, handmade quilt and a silver bracelet inscribed with Isaiah 40:31 – “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.”  The quilt was part of a fundraiser that Team Tiara organized – quilters from 19 states and five countries donated these beautiful blankets.  The bracelet represents one that D’Lyn’s mom wore during her treatment, and that D’Lyn still wears today.

What an amazing and caring gesture.  I have only met D’Lyn for 10 minutes during the 3-Day in 2010 (I’m not sure if she even knows that).  And, she certainly hasn’t met my sister.  But, D’Lyn has made it her passion to comfort those with breast cancer and has dedicated herself to raising money to find a cure.  D’Lyn started Team Tiara to honor her mom, who lost her battle with cancer in 2007. 
I have never seen someone so driven to find a cure.  D’Lyn is a blessing to many, many, many people – even ones that she has never met.
I immediately drove to Ali’s house to deliver her care package.  In all fairness, I caught her and Shalor by surprise – so, she’ll want me to explain that she wasn’t “camera ready.”  LOL!  I think she’s beautiful!

Ali and her quilt. 

The quilt and Team Tiara calendar

The camera wasn’t able to capture the colors just right. 
The patch on the quilt reads, “Team Tiara’s Simply Pink: Quilts for the Cure 2010.”

Wanna know more about this cool chick?  Check out D’Lyn’s blog, Meanderings of a 3-Day Mom.  To learn more about Team Tiara and their wonderful work to find a cure, visit their website.

Thank you, D’Lyn!

Walk, walk, walk

Training has started!!  This week, I’ve logged 16 miles.  This morning I went to my second kick-off walk at the New Balance store in Dallas.  At the walk last week, they told us to find a walking buddy.  If we didn’t come with anyone (Dione slept in that morning, LOL!), we had to introduce ourselves to the person next to us.  That person for me was Andrea.  Ironically, as we started walking and talking, I found out that both Andrea and I work for Dell (we’re both ex-Perot Systems)! 
So, today was our second official training walk.  We walked through University Park in Dallas – we walked, talked and gawked!  Those homes are BEAUTIFUL!!!  I always want to knock on the door and ask the owner what they do for a living.  You know?
Here’s a picture of Andrea and I with the 3-Day gorilla.  Yes, I’m a bit too excited to be posing with a stuffed gorilla…oh well, I have the spirit! 

She Kicks Butt: Lisa Stiles

I found this t-shirt in the New Balance store, and thought to myself, “I know a ton of ladies who kick butt!”  I had to have it.

So, person number one who kicks butt this week is my friend, Lisa Stiles.  I cannot say enough about this beautiful, beautiful friend.  Lisa and I met in 2009 when she was the external recruiter for the Junior League of Plano.  She was such a cool chick that it didn’t surprise me in the least to find out that she was also a Delta Zeta sister.  GO DZ! 

Lisa was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer last May – ironically almost a year to the day that Ali was diagnosed.  She immediately went into what she calls, “Warrior Mode”.  She read.  She interviewed doctors.  She went to “Cancer College”, as she says.  A year later, she is cancer free.  I make that sound incredibly easy – it wasn’t.  But, that’s not why Lisa kicks butt.

She was one of my first calls after Ali was diagnosed.  I wish I could copy all of her emails into this blog.  She gave me so much great advice – and so much love and support.  See, Lisa completely embraced the “Mind, Body, Spirit” approach to beating her cancer.  Something I believe in completely.  She investigated how diet modifications can help reduce free radicals in your body, fight the cancer you have, and prevent new cancers from forming.  Lisa was distressed at how the medical community is hesitant to incorporate nutrition into treatment.  “I think the truth lies somewhere between conventional medicine and responsible health choices,” she wrote me. 

Lisa also empowered herself to beat her cancer.  She asked questions and made her doctors justify and explain everything they recommended.  “Being a smart, proactive patient is the best thing she can do for herself,” Lisa told me about my sister.  During treatment, Lisa was absolutely the same bubbly, loving and outgoing person that she was before her diagnosis.  I’m sure that wasn’t always the case, but she knew that maintaining a happy attitude, and “making time for peace every day” was the only way to get through this.  She found things – like gardening and doing yoga – that gave her a sense of calm, and made them a part of her daily therapy.  She also learned to say “No.” – “Saying NO is the best thing that I got from all of this! :-)”  She learned to surround herself only with love and happiness and focus on only Lisa.

Most importantly, she told me to go buy the book, “Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips” by Kris Carr.  As Lisa wrote to me, “It saved my spirit and possibly my life.”  This book was exactly what Ali needed at the time.  I cannot say enough good things about it – it’s serious, funny, and beautiful.  It’s not a medical dictionary – it’s real-life tips that patients can use to get through this.  Everything from eating right, to buying a hot-pink wig, to when to play the “cancer card”.  You can check out Kris’ website at  If you know someone who has recently been diagnosed, this is the one thing that I recommend to buy them immediately.

I cannot thank Lisa enough.  She has taught me so much in such a short time.  I’m so glad that you are with us, girl.  And, I’m absolutely honored that you’re my friend.  xoxo