Mark and I this summer at the lake

I’m a multifaceted person on the road to spiritual enlightenment – aren’t we all? Along the way, I’ve realized that it’s not necessary to have one passion – just be passionate about living life.

I love marketing, especially the aspect of social marketing. The way that a company – this inanimate object made up of buildings and people all over the world, with it’s products and services – begins to communicate, and have a dialogue with its customers. The way a company becomes…well…uh, human. I love seeing what we can learn from both the successes and mistakes that companies make. They are fallible and resilient.

If I could be a career student, I would be. I’m addicted to my iPhone. I’m an amateur sewist and I love surfing Etsy. I was talked into walking the Komen 3-Day (60 miles), and then in the middle of my training, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. I volunteer for the Junior League of Collin County and the Cancer Support Community of North Texas. I’m a passionate advocate for finding a cure.

I used to say that I didn’t know who I was because it didn’t fit into 140 characters. That’s OK. Most of us don’t. Who would want to?


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