Monthly Archives: July 2008

Some background before we begin


I’m the first dedicated Analyst Relations person that my company has hired.  Previously, it was done part-time by people who volunteered, or where told, or in some cases “voluntold.”  That being said, when I was hired, I was met with the lovely “you can make it whatever you want.” Ahhh…music to my geeky ears. 

Confession – I’ve never held an AR position before (Stop looking at me that way! Of course they knew when they hired me! They liked my technical and marketing background, and my lovely, flowing, curly hair…ok, just kidding about the hair). I’ve been a product manager, marketing manager, account manager…notice, none of these titles include the word “relations”.  That was something new. 

I didn’t realize that managing my message and communicating with over 100+ market analysts would be so difficult.  I’m an army of one.  Greatly outnumbered by my constituents.

Then I realized that I could integrate social marketing into my plans in order for me to reach more people at one time.  To my relief, many of my analysts are on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Now, it’s just a question of how to use these tools – and others – to get my message out.

So follow along, will you, with the bouncing ball as we sing the praises of digital marketing and social communities.