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TabCo Reveals Itself


In July, I had mentioned that a “company” called TabCo was using social media to build hype for their tablet launch on August 15.  Well, the time has come – and TabCo is…drumroll….Fusion Garage.  huh?  who?  A long way from the Google, Nokia and Cisco guesses that people had.

Fusion Garage announced two products today: the Grid 10, a 10″ tablet; and the Grid 4, a 4″ smartphone/mini-tablet.  Both sport the new GridOS, based on the Android kernel, and support Android applications.  Both Grid devices also have seamless state allowing you to sync content while moving from one device to another or to your desktop, and “the Wheel” –  a pop-up menu that allows the basic cut/copy/paste functions as well as delivering automatic search recommendations, product reviews, Wikipedia entries, etc.

I’m more interested in the marketing aspect of this launch – so, if you’d like to know more about the product itself, you can read PC Magazine’s article about Fusion Garage and their products.

As for their multimedia marketing, this could be another lesson in the “You Can’t Force Viral” chapter.  At the end of the day, the WhoisTabCo channel on YouTube had total upload views of 214,893 and only 291 subscribers; and the WhoisTabCo Facebook page had 1,503 fans.

However, their hype did force PC Mag, ZDNet, Gizmodo, Engadget and others to immediately publish stories about the products – albeit somewhat prematurely since none of them have received the Grid – which likely would not have happened if the tech writers knew it was the maker of last year’s panned JooJoo tablet.

So, did Fusion Garage’s campaign accomplish what it was set out to do?  Likely not.  I don’t think the buzz hit as many viewers as they would have liked.  But, in an over-crowded tablet market, for a company with a blemished reputation, they did get some early publicity that would have likely not happened without their “Who is TabCo?” campaign.


Who Is TabCo?


I am very intrigued by the marketing campaign for a new tablet launch taking place on August 15.  Why?  Because they are relying completely on social media to build hype for this device.  In fact, they aren’t even telling you who they [the company] are.  Sight of the product unseen, they had grown to over 16,000 twitter followers in just 3 days (they are now over 22,000…not astounding, but not shabby).  Their followers post things like

i cannot wait for august 15th… this tablet better be good. #tabco @AgentMomost

I’m just loving all these hypes this @WeAreTabCo is creating! 🙂 #TabCo @aminulahsan 

It all started last week when they sponsored #TabCoTakesNewYork on Twitter and posted the following on YouTube:

On Wednesday, July 20, they started sending pizzas to tech bloggers and magazines with “8/15/11” spelled out in pepperoni.

Then, they liked the word “Swipe” on Facebook, which caused even more buzz.

They have a website, to feed the hype.  It says very little nothing.  Speculation says it’s Nokia/MeeGo.  I personally wouldn’t count out Cisco or Google, even though I don’t think this fits with their brand marketing.

My favorite tweet:

I know I should write about TabCo for the SEO but i’m not going to. ‘Viral’ videos make me ill! @chippy

Uh…ok.  Good press and bad press are all still press.

Some peeps on twitter are claiming “guerrilla marketing” and just a bunch of hype.  Either way – love it or hate it – it’s got people talking.