My new favorite site: Pinterest


Have you guys seen Pinterest?  Apparently I’m not the first to know, but I know I’m not the last either.  🙂

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.  The idea is that you “pin” things that you find interesting on the web.  You can make and categorize multiple “boards” (like pinning on a cork board).  It’s an easy way to share craft ideas and cool products that you find online.  I have found that “Weddings” seem to be the hottest topic – and the ideas that are posted are quite amazing.

They make it fairly easy to post – you can install a “Pin It” button on your browser toolbar that allows you to pin while you are surfing the web.  The sign up process is a bit odd, though.  There is a link on the homepage where you can “request an invitation”, but I couldn’t get it to work.  I said this on Twitter, and had another member send me an invitation.

Once you are a member, you can find and follow friends’ boards, as well as share your own.  You can also open your boards for your friends to contribute.

I would love to be able to post things other than pictures.  While it’s easy to do that in StumbleUpon, I really like Pinterest’s interface – who wouldn’t be? – look at all the pretty pictures!  I wish I could have a combination of the two, though – to be able to post pictures, as well as sites, articles or videos that you have found on the web.

Join Pinterest and start pinning what inspires you.  If you are a wedding planner, decorator or stylist – this is where you have to be!


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