Praying for my Cornhuskers


Mark left this morning for Nebraska.  His hometown of South Sioux City is experiencing major flooding from the Missouri River.  The Corps of Engineers is expected to announce today that they will have to open one of the dams north of town, which will flood the town even more.  Evacuations have already started for some neighborhoods.  Another major concern is that the sewage pump station will be under water and no longer able to function if the dam is opened. (My first reaction: EWWW!)  

I so badly wanted to go with him – to volunteer after a natural disaster is on my bucket list(which, I’ll have to post up here some day…).  But, Ali’s surgery is Monday, and there was no guarantee that they could get me to the airport on Sunday.  Crazy stuff.

So, we loaded up the truck last night (Thanks, Todd & Jackie!) and he’s heading to Beverly South Sioux.  Many prayers for the midwest.  First the Mississippi River floods, then the Joplin tornado – Mother Nature needs to take some Valium and give these poor people a break!

UPDATE 11:00am –

The Corps of Engineers have announced that they are opening the spillways at the Garrison Dam, for the first time in the dam’s history. The first spillway gates opened at 8 am June 1, 2011. Seven spillway gates opened to a height of 1 foot each. Additional openings of 7 gates will occur every 12 hours until all 28 are open by Thursday evening at 8 pm.

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