Thank you, Oprah!


I finally had time to catch up on the last two episodes of the Oprah Show, since I was out of town last week.  Let me say, that I don’t really get caught up in the celebrity hype – but, I really enjoy Oprah’s message.  And, yes, I love when she gives her audience and guests something – I typically find myself jumping up and down in my living room.

The last episode was amazing, though.  No guests.  No giveaways.  Just Oprah sharing her life lessons.  Here are some of my favorites:

  • Be responsible for the energy that you bring into your space.  Thoughts are things – and your energy can create your experience.  You need to be conscious about the vibrations you are sending.
  • You are responsible for your life.  No matter if someone has hurt you, you come from poverty, or if you feel that you’re not smart/thin/beautiful/funny enough – you have the power to change your life and make it what you want it to be.
  • Find and follow your passion!  Find your platform – you may just reach one person, but that is enough.  You don’t have to be famous, and your passion doesn’t have to be your job.  But, you need to find some outlet to do what you love, or your heart breaks a little each day.
  • You are enough.  You are worthy simply because you were born.  An abundant life is your birthright.
  • Everyone wants the same thing – to know that they are being seen, and that they are being heard.  The greatest gift that you can give someone is to say, “I hear you”.
  • There is one God or Spirit or Universe – it doesn’t matter what you call “It”.  God is Life.  God is Love. God is within each and every one of us and is ours for the asking.

When Ali called me to say that her biopsy had come back positive for cancer – I immediately said, “OK.  We’re going to beat it.”  The Bible says to pray believing as if.  I don’t ask that she is healed – I believe it’s already happened.  We made a conscious decision to not focus on the disease, but to focus on wellness.  We are conscious about the energy we put out each day – we joke, we laugh, we tease, we love.  Your mind and your heart play starring roles in your recovery.


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