My New Year’s Resolutions


Happy New Year, everyone!  What I did over my holiday break, while NOT blogging:

  • I finished the Twilight Saga.  Excellent, although I have to say there were several times I wanted to smack that selfish 18-year old, Bella, upside the head. 
  • Watched too much Food Network, which resulted in baking 25 dozen cookies, 3 coffee cakes, and learning some new dinner recipes (dijon and peppercorn crusted roast beef…yuuummm).
  • Hung out with my amazing friends and family!
  • Ventured up to my craft room and started painting again.  I didn’t finish it, but at least I started!
  • Went to the King Tut exhibit in Dallas.  You funky, funky mummy!

So, now that I ended 2008 on a high note, here’s my new year’s resolutions to begin 2009 on the right foot:

  1. Get back to the gym!  I know…I know…
  2. Read some non-fiction / business books to better myself.  High on the list A New Earth (E. Tolle); Tribes (S. Godin); Personality Not Included (R. Bhargava);  and Citizen Marketers (B. McConnell).
  3. Take a GOOD Facebook picture! 
  4. Get MobileMe to successfully sync my work PC and my home Mac.
  5. Do some personal travel.  I bought my 2009 Greek Islands calendar as inspiration.
  6. Help local brands discover and harness the power of social marketing, like Yelp, Facebook, Twitter and Where.
  7. Blog more.  Yea!!!

Here’s to a wonderful 2009  – may all your dreams come true!  Let me know what you hope to accomplish this year.



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