Rebranding the Quarter Pounder


McDonald’s took a minimalist approach to launching the Quarter Pounder in Japan.  The hamburger giant scratched their traditional branding to open Quarter Pounder stores – no golden arches, no Ronald McDonald, in fact, no “McDonald’s” of any kind.  McDonald’s redesigned two of its Tokyo restaurants – for a limited time – into Quarter Pounder shops.  According to Creativity Online, the “minimal black and red shops are operated by a ‘Quarter Pounder Secretariat,’ feature Le Corbusier sofas and only two menu items: Quarter Pounder meal and a Double Quarter Pounder meal.” 


The meals were even served in minimalist red and black packaging.


The campaign was to not only create buzz but to launch the hamburger without having consumers judge it solely by the McDonald’s brand – a kind of blind taste test.  “We want consumers to discover great taste and not care about who produced it,” a shop spokesman said.  “Those who think of McDonald’s as fast food can just focus on taste and find a premium burger, without prejudice or preconception.”



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  1. Stumbled onto the “11th Hour” from LinkedIn…well, it’s “Brilliant!” (with no Irish accent implied from a certain Stout marketing campaign)…eclectic AND digestible, all in one sitting. Neil Jarvis used to say (and still does) that I have a mind full of “useless information”… I like your spin much better–cheers, sounds like PDS is bring you your joie de vivre…hope all is well with you and your family and that you have a great holiday. Cliff

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