On Thursday, our President-Elect, Barack Obama, launched a new website,  The website invites people to share their story and their vision for the new administration.  Users can submit emails to tell the new administration policies they want to see carried out in the next four years.  The website begins to outline the agenda of the President-Elect, and also calls on Americans to serve in programs such as the AmeriCorps and Peace Corps “in order to meet the nation’s challenges.”  

The front page includes a countdown to the inauguration of Obama and Biden in 73 days, on January 20, 2009.  But, until then, visitors can also apply for jobs in the new administration through the “Jobs” link.  News and appointments to the administration are posted on the site’s blog.

I have to applaud the Office of the President-Elect for continuing their online presence after the election.  As I stated in my previous posts, I hope that the Obama-Biden administration continues to use social media to communicate with country.  This is a great first step – especially with the fact that the site allows for a dialogue, asking visitors to submit their ideas for the new administration.  

I would suggest that the new administration continue to use their other forms of communication as well, including Facebook and Twitter.  Push information out using the Obama iPhone application.  As with the energy crisis, this is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.  Each of these tools will help the new government to reach a broader audience.  Using as the portal to these other mediums – including traditional marketing, such as print and TV – would be great. should link to all of the other communications being submitted by the new administration.

Now, what would be even more revolutionary would be to push this to the Senate and House as well.  I feel that once we vote a Senator or Representative into office, it becomes extremely difficult to communicate with them.  How many of you have heard, “write your Congressman”??  Why can’t I communicate with him/her faster?  Imagine watching C-Span and being able to Twitter ideas with your Congressman about the upcoming vote!  

Plus, since these officials are public servants, I would like to see online how many sessions my representatives are attending.  How many votes were they present for?  This could completely change the accountability and communication of the government.  And, I might add, improve the countries satisfaction with their leadership?  Wouldn’t you be more satisfied knowing that your Congressman is present and representing their constituents?

Even if you didn’t vote for Obama, this is a great place to get involved and help shape the direction of our country.  Tell me what you think.


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