Wow! What a Night!


Everyone mark their calendars – we witnessed something historic last night.  Congratulations to both President-Elect Obama and Senator McCain for a well-run race to the end.

So, will Obama continue to tap into the social networking phenomenon to communicate with his constituents?  Will we actually have a President that Twitters?  Will our Chief keep his Facebook page?  There are some great reasons for the Obama administration to continue utilizing social networks.  First, over 57% of people online have joined a social network – and that number jumps to over 90% for digital natives.  People tend to be more trusting of other people’s recommendations than they are of corporate advertising.  In other words, 78% of people trust other consumers versus the 14% that trust advertisements.  Why?  Because social media is a dialogue – a two-way conversation that involves LISTENING as much as it does talking. 

Want to keep your momentum, Barack?  Want to continue the revolution?  Keep having that dialogue with people.  Don’t be like administrations of the past and make promises to get into office, just to ignore public opinion once you learn your way around the White House.  Imagine, our public servants actually serving the public?!  Shocking!  

So, Obama keep your iPhone application.  Keep your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I know you’re busy – I’ll allow you to assign it to a staffer – but keep those communication lines open.  That, sir, is how you will keep touch with the people that believe in change.


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