7-Election 2008


So, tomorrow’s the big day when this election will [supposedly] draw to a close.  I’ll be glad to be rid of the catty comercials, but there’s still a part of me that has enjoyed watching the new ways that candidates get their message out to the public.

For the past three elections, 7-Eleven convienence stores have run their 7-Election campaign.  Each store offers blue coffee cups for Obama and red coffee cups for McCain.  Cup sales are tallied and posted on www.7-election.com.

The 7-Election national results (as of 10:00am Central on Monday, November 3) have Barack Obama ahead by 20%, and winning in every state with a 7-Eleven franchise except New Hampshire and North Carolina, which are ties.  The interesting part of this campaign is that according to 7-Eleven, in 2000, the George W. Bush coffee cup outsold Al Gore’s cup by just 1 percentage point.  And, in 2004, the 7-Election results were identical to the national results, with 51% for George W. Bush and 49% for John Kerry.

This will definitely be an interesting – and historic – week.  Go Vote!


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