It’s all good


What an interesting week we’ve had since I last blogged.  Let’s see – Ringo Star said he’s not accepting fan mail after next week; Joe the Plumber, Joe Six-Pack and Average Joe are all having the best week ever; Angelina announced she wants more kids; Britney’s back in court and McCain and Letterman made up.  Plus, I just found out that @snoopdogg and @therealbritney just joined Twitter.  Phew!

What I’ve really enjoyed over the past couple of weeks is the Good Sheet from Starbucks.  These are one-page, mini newspapers which each feature one topic important to this year’s election.   Each Thursday a new Good Sheet and topic is released at Starbucks – past issues have been dedicated to Health Care, Immigration and Education.  As the Good Sheet states:

Good is a collaboration of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits pushing the world forward.

This is the [number] Good Sheet, part of a series we hope will stimulate thought and conversation as you head to the polls on November 4.  For us, this is not about red states or blue states, this is about every American making the most informed choice possible, no matter what that choice may be.

Each Good Sheet unfolds to present a in-depth look at the statistics on the featured topic.  It’s a non-partial, bi-partisan look at the issues.  And, it’s presented in an easy to read, USA Today-type format.  Here’s a look at the new issue on the Economy:

The issues just present the data facts, so you’re free to make up your mind about which candidates (this is more than just the President) can help the situation.  Next time you are in Starbucks, pick up an issue!


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