Obama primetime special


Barack Obama has purchased a half-hour of airtime on CBS and NBC, and is in talks with Fox as well.  The primetime special will air Wednesday, October 29, at 8pm.

Since Obama rejected public financing, he is not limited in the amount of money that his campaign can raise and spend.  McCain, however, accepted public financing, and it remains to be seen whether he will follow Obama’s lead and purchase airtime.

The last campaign to purchase a primetime slot, was Ross Perot in 1992.  Remember the pie charts and graphs?  Note: they’re back, visit Perotcharts.com.

I think the real question is, what would you like to see during this 30 minutes of airtime?  We’ve seen Obama at a podium giving speechs, so what about something more creative? 

  • Barack and Joe Variety Hour – following in the footsteps of the great Sunny and Cher, and Nick and Jessica
  • Survivor: Scranton, PA – we will hear from the tribal counsel about who should win the presidency
  • Dancing with the Candidates – tonight, the contestants will dance the lambada, the forbidden dance
  • The Apprentice – Obama and Biden compete to see how many health plans they can sell outside Capitol Hill
  • Friends (or “My Friends”) – Barack and Joe head down to the Central Perk to hear guest star, Tina Fey, sing “Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”
  • Will & Grace – Barack and Joe visit the apartment – because it’s OK to support gays, unless they are married
  • Seinfeld – Joe Biden talks to Jerry about being The Hill’s biggest supporter of the Jewish community

Oh, I kid.  But it would be nice to bring some levity to this election…


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