Hack the Debate II


Twitter once again teamed up with Current TV to broadcast Twitter updates on live television during the vice-presidential debates last night.  They will be doing the same for the upcoming debates as well. 

Twitter has several streams dedicated to the election.  You can find them all by visiting election.twitter.com.  You can directly participate in these discussions by typing #<stream> in your twitter posts.  For instance, to participate in the Current stream, type #current in your post.  There’s also #vpdebate, #debate08 and others.

I personally think it’s wonderful – it’s like having a debate-watching party without having to buy the chips and dip.  It’s great to see people’s real-time commentary during the debates.  Although, it can be somewhat distracting as well.  A user on current.com today said they were disappointed in “the number of people that don’t actually listen or don’t allow themselves time to process what they’re hearing.”  The post went on to say that Current “encouraged people to not sit and listen to possibly some of the most important presidential debates in our lifetime.”

I agree, it could get distracting.  But, then again, I’m also distracted by cleaning up dinner, doing the dishes, the phone ringing, etc.  Last night (and last week during the presidential debate), I was glued to my chair watching these debates because I could actively participate.  There is something to be said that we can now get the MTV and digital generation to sit in one place and watch the debate in its entirety.

The only problem is that I may have to disable the link between my Facebook status and my Twitter updates.  My poor Facebook friends are logging in to see my 100 status changes in the past 8 hours.

If you’re not already a Twitter’er I highly encourage you to sign up and participate in Tuesday’s second Presidential debate.


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