Did Windows Kill the Mac Campaigns?


Microsoft launched its new Windows advertising campaigns with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld talking about nothing.  Many Microsoft supporters said that the ad was to prove that Windows users are just as smart and witty (if not more so) than Apple users.  But it seems that the ads were just the “WTF?” pre-cursor to the heavy-hitting “I’m a PC” roll-out.

In the third installment of the $300 million campaign, Microsoft finally gets to the point with its “I’m a PC” ad.  The commercial is smart – a perfect rebuttal to the long-running Apple campaign.  But, my real question is, “did this new commercial kill the current Apple campaign?”  The PC from the Apple commercials – real name, Sean – appears in the “I’m a PC” commercial for Windows.  He can’t possibly appear in both moving forward, right?  He’s an integral part of the Apple campaign, but he can’t make fun of Vista and then appear in a Windows commercial talking about how great it is….right?!?  I feel just as confused as when I saw Carey Hart in the new Pink video where she calls him a tool and pokes fun at their divorce.  

If this is the case, and Windows was able to woo Sean away, then I must say that is genius.  As much as I absolutely love the Apple commercials, this is a very quick way for Microsoft to squash the Apple campaign and it gives them time to undo some of the brand damage.  The “I’m a PC” commercial (which can now be seen at http://windows.com) is a very classy way for Microsoft to finally voice themselves after such a long silence.

Oh, this could be the end of an era.  I’m anxiously awaiting Apple’s next move.

And, just in case you were wondering – I’m a hybrid; a PC at work and a Mac at home.


Matthew is correct – as always.  The gentleman in the Microsoft commercial is a look-alike.  Great rebuttal, though!


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  1. Hey, a bit of clarification. The guy’s name isn’t Sean, it’s John Hodgman. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Hodgman
    And he isn’t in the Windows commercial, it’s just a look-a-like. The guy at the beginning whose name is Sean is a real MS employee.

    All-in-all the commercial is humorous, but to quote our recent political tirades, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” Windows is still windows and you better reboot now before it locks up. 🙂

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