Oh, Look! She Started Blogging!


My boyfriend’s 12-year old started a blog this month.  She’s still getting used to it, so right now it mainly consists of what book she is reading and what she had for dinner last night.  It’s really a way for her and her friends to keep in contact – I enjoy reading the comments more than her entries, sometimes.

So, it got me thinking.  Here are some startling statistics for you:

  • Facebook has 90 million active users, more than 75% log in each day and (in 2007) 22% of them were under 18
  • MySpace, according to analyst Jeremiah Owyang, has 110 million active users, 15% of which are under 18
  • In July, WordPress said that 257,163 blogs were created to bring them to a total of 1,102,039 active blogs
  • As of January 2008, Twitter had over 700,000 users – as of today, they have 2,419,242 twitterers

The interesting thing is that the majority of Facebook and Myspace users are over 18!  The other thing you should note is how quickly these communities are growing…and obviously this isn’t a comprehensive list!  This isn’t just a “kid” thing.  But, the digital generation is growing and kids find it second nature to share over the web. 

Aw, look honey…she got her first comment!  Go get the video camera, quick!


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