Blogger Relations


The statistics on the number of blogs on the internet, and the number of people who read those blogs is greatly varied – and, quite outdated.  The fact is that blogs have proliferated the internet and readers of blogs find them to be a great source of data.  Certainly, blogs factor into consumer buying decisions.

So, should blog writers factor into your public relations, media relations, analyst relations – oh, let’s just say influencer relations – strategy?  Of course! 

Jeremiah Owayang, Forrester analyst, details how bloggers, mainstream press and analysts are starting to look alike in his blog.  He says that analysts are acting like mainstream press, bloggers are acting like analysts, and the mainstream press have become bloggers.

Here are some tips on how you can begin to influence bloggers:

  • First, you need to find the relevant blogs for your constituents.  For instance, in my role, I need to follow analyst and analyst relations blogs.  Most blogs will have a blogroll, which will make it easier to find other blogs of similar content.
  • This may sound intuitive – READ THE BLOG.  Make sure that they are really covering issues that pertain to your area.  Likewise, you want to give them information that pertains to the stories they are writing about. 
  • Get involved.  The best way to form a relationship with a blogger is to comment on his/her stories.  Participate in the discussions.  People – not just bloggers – are more likely to respond to information from individuals familiar to them.  Don’t just send information, like a cold call.
  • The State of Blog Relations says that “almost half of bloggers receive an email pitch from a PR professional at least once a day” and “the majority were contacted by PR professionals at least once a week.”  Of those contacted, 42% say they “write about something after being contacted.”
  • Remember to treat bloggers with the same sense of urgency that you would the traditional media, or you risk ruining the relationship.
  • Be upfront and honest about who you are, who you are with and what you want.  Remember, social media is all about open and transparent communication.

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