Tweet Tools


Thank you to everyone that’s signed up for Twitter and sent me a message!  I love viral marketing.

Because it’s become such a popular forum, I thought I’d write about some of the tools out there that enhance the Twitter experience.

First, my favorite – TweetDeck.  I’m actually new to TweetDeck, but I’ve now downloaded it on my work PC and home Mac.  TweetDeck lets me categorize my twitter friends into different categories, so I can read their tweets in different streams.  For instance, I have a social marketing group, work group, and analyst group.  This makes Twitter much easier to follow than reading all of your tweets in one long list.  Plus, TweetDeck gives you the capability of creating searches and seeing instantly tweets that meet your search criteria.  TweetDeck is also fully integrated with TwitPic, which lets you post pictures on Twitter.  Guy Kawasaki, posted this screen shot of his TweetDeck.

Another desktop client that can be used for Twitter, as well as Friendfeed, seesmic and other accounts is twhirl.

Ever wonder how people link to those super_long/action=edit&post/admin/847773/maybe.doc URLs?  Try TinyURL or  TinyURL and Bitly convert those long URLs, that would take up our precious 140 character tweet, and shorten them into a…well, tiny URL.  

Twitterific is a mobile version of Twitter that you can download to your iPhone.  Tweet on the go…you’ll never believe how great this is while waiting in line somewhere.  The most terrific feature of Twitterific?  It’s free!

TweetScan is a stand-alone search engine for Twitter.  TweetScan sends daily or weekly emails for up to five phrases.  This is a good tool for those part-time Twitterati, or those of you who just want to find out what users are saying about you. 

Hope this is useful – keep tweeting!


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