Do You Digg It?


You’ve probably been surfing a news site or blog and come across a “Digg It” badge at the bottom of the article. is a site where users can discover and share information from every corner of the web.  You “digg” – or vote – on stories, videos, blogs that you enjoy.  Or, you can “bury” stories that you don’t like.  The most popular postings show up on the front page of Digg.

Digg founder, Kevin Rose, said he wanted a way to dig through all of the information on the web to bring people just the relevant stories of the day.  Digg doesn’t have any editors – users determine what’s important and what’s not important.

Digg is also a social media forum allowing users to create profiles and list all the stories that they digg.  Digg users can comment on stories and link them to their own blog.  Customize your Digg homepage by selecting categories that you are interested in, then only the most Dugg stories in that category will appear.  Last week, Digg also announced integration with Facebook Connect.  Now, users can seamlessly use their Facebook account to digg stories that show up in their Facebook Mini-Feed.  Uh oh…too geeky?  Um…how about Digg just rocks!

One more reason to dig Digg?  They host Digg meetups where you can meet the Digg team and other Diggers in your city.  A new way to meet people that you share common interests with. 

OK, so what’s the value of Digg to a marketing geek like me?  You can use Digg to see if your stories are relevant to the online community.  Also, use Digg to promote your stories and reach more people.  The more people that Digg, the more relevant the tool becomes to your business.  So, get Digging!


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