That’s Delicious!  Or, should I say, that’s! is a self-definted “social bookmarking” site.  Think of it as an extension to your “Favorites” in your browser.  You can bookmark articles, videos, interesting sites…anything!

You can tag and organize your bookmarks to make it easier to find what you’re looking for, and you can search for other users’ bookmarks as well.

Practical uses, according to the site:

  • Storing research for a thesis or article all in one place
  • Bookmarking favorite recipes
  • Keeping track of favorite podcasts and creating RSS feeds for your podcsts
  • Organizing information for travel – where to eat, places to see, flight times, etc.
  • Collaboration – shared accounts can be used to keep a collection of bookmarks for a work or study group

Our marketing department just set up a site for our company, to keep all of our news and press releases in one place.  You can also search to see if other users are bookmarking your sites.

I’ve noticed that some of my more high-tech twitter friends are using as a resume – bookmarking their articles as well as stuff written about them. 


UPDATE: Delicious has can now be reached through and


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  1. Great post, thanks. As you point out, social bookmarking is much more than just a collection of links.

    The recent update to Delicious (Delicious 2.0!) is greatly appreciated and long overdue. The whole site is much easier to use for organising, storing, sharing and searching bookmarks, and the overall look/feel is much improved. Read more in my post at

    Oh, and it’s now (they’re dropping the domain).

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