How tweet it is


I’m going through Twithdrawls…  

Twitter is a micro-blogging site based around one question, “What are you doing?” Twitter allows you to write 140 characters at a time and keeps a running list of your postings.  Twitter users can find and follow other users’ “tweets”.  Compare it to sending text messages to millions of people at a time.  

So what? Twitter really comes in handy for product managers, writers / bloggers, and others.  Imagine being able to update people on what you are working on in real-time.  “We’re working on a fix to the Version 5 bug…” or “Next 100 people get a free coffee…” or “I’m working on a follow-up to that article…”  

Many believe that because Twitter is stream of consciousness, it is even more real-time than a blog.  I found out that SMU, my alma mater, is using Twitter as a way to send out mini press releases and campus updates.  Think crisis management plans…  Accenture is actively using Twitter within their company.  CIO magazine even wrote about the “Business Value of Twitter” in April.

Personally, I use Twitter to keep in touch with my analyst community.  I can find out what research they are working on and what trends they are following.

My twitter isn’t exactly earth-moving literature, but you are welcome to check it out: 

Here are other interesting twitterers:

Evan Williams – Co-founder of Twitter:

Robert Scoble – Tech blogger:

Michael Pranikoff – Director of Emerging Media at PR Newswire:

Howard Rheingold – Author:

Guy Kawasaki – columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine, author:


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